Where can I order fast Swedish snus or Nicotine pouches?


Via Dutch websites, such as at Snus that are also known as nicotine pouches or nicopods can be ordered. These are without tobacco and therefore legal in the Netherlands. The age limit for ordering Snus is 18+. We deliver worldwide Swedish snus, we have a wide range of brands with different types of nicotine pouches. Before we tell you where to buy snus, we want to tell you more about this product.


Where to buy Swedish Snus

Now that Snus is starting to take over the nicotine market, it is not always clear how Snus and which kind of Snus can be bought. As soon as you type in buy Swedish Snus on the internet, hundreds of sites appear. Most of them are from abroad, mainly from Sweden. However, these sites sell Swedish Snus variants that are illegal in the Netherlands, so the order often does not arrive. Also, your order is often not accepted because the sites do not deliver outside Sweden. This makes ordering Swedish snus very difficult. Fortunately, Snusalert has an extensive range of Snus without tobacco that meets all your needs. 


Benefits of ordering Snus

The popularity of Snus is due to the many advantages it offers. In addition to the health advantages in comparison with smoking, it is also generally a lot cheaper. Depending on your use, an order can often last a lot longer than buying a pack of cigarettes.  In addition, the government has been making the purchase of cigarettes more difficult for some time. Nowadays it is therefore more likely to be responded to if someone does decide to light a cigarette, as this often causes nuisance to your environment. Snus, on the other hand, can be consumed anywhere and at all times without bothering your environment with, for example, a strong-smelling smoke smell or the risk of unwillingly smoking along.


How can I buy Snus? 

The legal nicotine pouches are for sale on our site. View our range of nicotine pouches and choose your favourite flavour. Is it the first time that you have ordered and are you not sure what to choose? No problem! Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can work with you to find the type and taste of Snus that suits your needs. If you order your snus at KllaPods EU you are assured of a fast delivery.